Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Download: Hamada Hilal 2012 Album حصريا البوم حماده هلال - ماتقولهاش

Now it's official, the first pop star in Arabia to sport a bike on the cover of his album is none other than the cool dude of funky pop Hamada Helal. The guys has always been sport, he is well built, and looks good on a suit. This time he brings a bike for the photo shot for his album. It's a cool bike worthy of a cool dude whose golden touch has left an impact in Egyptian pop culture.

This is a hot album form a guy who knows what it takes a hit. This is all around great album with two things going right for it. The emotions are there when you need them and the upbeat dance energy there when you feel like it. This will go down is one of Hamada Helal's finest albums. He has chosen various musician styles that he has not experimented with in the past.

Hamada has become one of the few things all Egypt agrees on, he is natural good guy, a family man who seems like areal fun person. His movies make a killing and his music makes us happy. This album was set for an October release, but got delayed due to printing the album outside Egypt out of piracy fear. High Quality, the music label that produced the album thought that would be a smart move. This is one true Egyptian album as the composers, the lyricists are all from Egypt where Hamada is a household name for good reasons.

If you want an album that radiates hope, cheers, and a good time, spin this record and tell me what you think.

01 - Shof Men Emta
02 - Ya Rab Nefdal Kedan Ma Baad
03 - El Zina El 3a2la
04 - Haga Keda
05 - Malek Ya Donia
06 - Oker W A3taref
07 - Mat2olhash ( Abos Eadak )
08 - Goon
09 - Ew3a Tesada2
10 - Asli W Fasli
11 - Sponge Bob

Samples Hamada Helal - Matoolhash.2012 - سيمبلات حماده هلال ماتقولهاش


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