Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mostafa Mahfouz Makes Good Music Undetected

Mostafa Mahfouz is one of my all time favorite composers turned singers. He is a hit-maker of Egyptian pop, he makes wonders with his guitar and his music savvy ways. Years later he would start voicing songs with his own voice and the results were amazing.

A naturally sad vocal given to him by the lord to remind us that life is not always fair, and you cannot always have what you want. His songs roam in this department of the blues where you do everything right, yet get everything wrong.

I like the Mostfa, he is a good lover through his music. One his singles is about the imperfection on his side, he is in the wrong. But he realizes that and he now recognizes his loss. His music is piano and guitar centered. This single of his is very sobering and it takes a real man to admit his mistakes where he has lost the true love of his life. She was everything he needed, but he was a jerk. Now he sees it after it has become too late.

Egyptian pop is well and will always do fine if people like Mostafa Mahfouz are making music. He lives in this world and delivers songs that express life as is.

مصطفى محفوظ "مغلطيش في حاجه"


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