Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ahmad Hawili Shames Violent Politicians احمد حويلي - كم روح 2012 فيديو كليب

Children and violence are things we do not like to think about. But all over the world children are subjected to violent acts and sometimes they are asked to use violent on others. Violence in our schools too, and the only ones making a profit are the politicians.

It took new comer Ahmed Hweli, a guy who seems like a bleeding heart for what he sees on his TV screen around the world and at home.  This song is meant to give those senseless politicians and leaders some shame and guilt for not stopping the murders. They have divided us, they have conquered us, and have kills us, what else they want...cries the song.

I like the portion of the music video where the leader gives his kids a birthday party at home when they are safe and the little boy outside is suffering. They stole our land, their stole form our children, the song goes. This song is not about whining anymore, it's about taking stand and being the change one needs to see.

The arits kepy his song and his music video vague in order to appeal to more people in more countries. This song can be about Syria, Lebanon, Palestine  Libya, Iraq and few other places. This is how you make a broad topic specific--each person has to do the work. Just leave us alone is not a strategy.

احمد حويلي - كم روح 2012 فيديو كليب


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