Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stupid Sunnis And Idiotic Shia Bicker Over A Tasteless Song

A dumb movie producer who has no college education, a silly dancer who got no class and a bone headed movie actor were involved in a movie where an offensives songs played. The movie is Abdu Mota, the dancer is Dina, the producer is Ahmed Elsobky, and the actor is Mohamed Ramadan.

They put a song where the name of the daughter of the prophet comes up. This is a folkloric song that usually goes with no dance, a plea for help by those who do not really understand the teachings of Islam. All hell broke lose when the dancer Dina started dancing to that song "يا طاهرة"  , I think this is more offensive than the Mohammed movie.  Such acts represent stupid people who have no class and little respect for their own religion. As a Muslim, I find it disrespectful to my faith.

Now the censors in Egypt and the religious authorities often review the movies and grant them permission to release to the public. This time censorship did not do its job and the movie was releasing offending all those Muslims who have seen it Sunni and Shia.

What happens next?

Someone protested the movie, a reporter wrote about the bad taste song and the movie was taken out for a second review by the Mufti (supreme religious authority in some countries). The Mufti asked for the song to be removed. Shias of Egypt made a show out of this, and made waves of criticism for the song. All Muslims should be insulted by this silly and tasteless song. And since this has became a much deeper issue, who owns the legacy of the prophet?

The Shia Muslims things they are the rightful owner of the prophet's household and family since they affiliate with the house of Ali more. The Sunnis also have a claim and I think both want the same thing, they just have a different attitude about it. The movie has made 17 million Egyptian pound, it has claimed the top spot in the Egyptian cinema.

So one of the media personalty hosted the TV star, and the producer on its show and took a call from a Shia scholar from Egypt. Things got complicated as the idiotic actor thought the Shia scholar was questioning his deep commitment to Islam. The actor lost his cool as he defended his faith, but forgot that he was in the movie where they make a mockery of some of Islam's finest people.

I find my Shia brother to be correct here, and the Sunni sleaze actor to be wrong. This would not have been an issue if people did the right thing and included a more broad view of their work. The Shia think they own the narrative of the prophet's life through lineage to his grandsons. While I respect many of their views, I do not have to agree with everything.

Plus thanks to the Saudi money, Shia now means Iran and Iran in some Arab minds is a big threat--I do not think Iranian people are my enemies.  My enemies have chosen to be so, and I know every one of them. So those hot headed Sunni few who got worked up, need to chill. The song was wrong and Dina and her moronic producer should know better.

Now to be fair, the movie makers made the mistake not the Sunnis, and the Shia are right to protest an bring change to this shitty industry. The song has been removed, but the producers argue they removed it out of respect for the Mufti, not out of respect for the Shia. While their stand is backward, they should remove the song out of goodness of their hearts.

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