Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tarkan: The Turkish Prince Of Pop And Hit-Maker

Turkish pop star and ward winner Tarkan had a brush with global fame a decade ago, he had a hit that traveled the world and back. Everyone was dancing on his summer hit "Şımarık" (Spoilt/Kiss Kiss/Chanson Du Bisou/Besos) and the world wanted another hit from the fresh Turkish pop star. Instead he focused at home and made great pop music in Turkish of course. He was born in West Germany yet raised in Turkey. He has become the prince of pop due to his romantic themed catchy songs.

He has become a hit in the Arab world, he has actually worked with Amr Moustafa the gifted and hip Egyptian composer, his Arab fans have their own tweeter fed and their own Facebook. Other than Tarkan being a solid pop star, a lot of Arabs do speak Turkish and many of them live over there.

Turkish music is very similar to Arabic music, and Tarkan's style is a lot similar to that of Amr Diab better known songs--before Rotana. Tarkan is a stylish star, many young people copy his style as he has become a trend sitter.

Tarkan - şıkıdım ( Harbiye Concert 2012 ) ..

Tarkan - Kayıp ( Harbiye Concert 2012 ) ..