Thursday, November 8, 2012

A- t-kat Band Nostalgic For Their Childhood

We are all nostalgic to the days when you had no care in the world, life was full of candy, family giving you cash, random hugs from your parents and people smiles when they saw us. Fast froward now, no one gives you anything for free, you have to work hard and rarely do people smile when they see you.

Good memories are essential for each child of ours, we should all be grateful to have been blessed with such a good life. Some do not get to have a normal childhood, A-t-kat Band or as it's reads etiquette band, is a rap group, but they do not sound like a rap band in this nostalgic track.  

The band has manged to bring back some good memories of my own childhood like playing soccer in the streets and chasing the ball, Ramadan and the Eid. This is not easy to do, they sound like they really miss those important early days that help define our future.

The band strives to deliver timely message  of interest to their many young listener, they seem to be open to all kinds of music and styles. They also have one advantage  the write their own songs, which means they do not need a translator. Their romance, and their blues are real and come from their own daily lives. This is a young band that needs support and this support can come by allowing them to hold more concerts and refine their own style.

 A- t-kat Band - مين فينا


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