Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Law Yesaalouni", The Song That Took Diana Hadad To The Dark Side

Diana Hadad was happy doing light pop songs that rocked the Middle East. She was not doing Gulf songs yet, and her young career has seen many hits and four best selling albums. Then she moves to the United Arab Emirates to be with her husband. He started producing her songs and directing her music video. They worked well together, with one problem. She chose or was made make songs exclusive in the Gulf Dialect.

Slowly Diana Hadad started to fade out from the broader Arab audience. As she has transformed her self from a pan Arab singer into a singer who does little understood songs for cash. In Dubai you could not get those good lyrics and you do not get the composers who have fresh concepts. The internet and YouTube brought to us Haifa and Ruby.

Diana has her fans, but her song choices kept disappointing them and it has become hard and harder to defend her. Last year Diana Hadad and her husband divorced. She released a good album, a good reboot of her brand. I think the albums that come after should be better.   

Below is the first song that has Diana Hadad record in the Gulf Dialect. It was a really good song, but since its release in 2002, no other Diana Hadad songs made it big. Of course, you have to remembered she made that 2005 smash hit song with Cheb Khalid in 2005.

"Law Yesaalouni" gave the United Arab Emirates a new star who was featured on the song.
Law Yesaalouni - Diana Hadad لو يسألونى - ديانا حداد


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