Saturday, November 10, 2012

Video: Tyche Awards Festival Of Jordan

Many those who are willing to host an ward ceremony for Arab entertainers across the Arab world. Every country would love nothing more than bringing the big names to their home to pimp out their country in front the stars and the locals.

As you may have noticed, Arab stars are at home unemployed so that means they will come to you. Look no further than Tyche Awards Festival in Jordan. Folks in Jordan are also unemployed so they would want to chill with their peers.

The awards are sold to Jordanians as something that would help promote the local culture and encourage new entertainers. Meanwhile, the folks are being murdered in Iraq, Gaza, and Syria. The funny thing those awards are giving based on votes, voting is not a very real thing in the local Jordanian or Arab culture.

If you want to learn how lame those award are, the Tyche Awards gave their own Diana Karazon an award for being the best Jordanian singer--she has not done anything new this year. Other than off course wearing some bizarre outfits. There are names like Tony Qattan, a Jordanian who had a great year in 2012.

Hamaki @ Tyche Awards Festival (Best Arabic Singer)

Assala In Tyche Jordan Awards/اصاله وجائزة افضل مطربه عربية


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