Saturday, November 10, 2012

Video: Haifa Wehbe Speaks About Her Divroce

Haifa Wehbe speaks about the love she has for her husband, but what she does not want to talk about her divorce from him. I have no doubt she loves the man and he does too, but the media might share some of the blame. She just spoke to LBC via phone and told them

People want to know, but if we keep talking about it, Haifa won't talk, no such bad press, she is milking this for all it's worth. She is in the United States now, keeping the media at arm's length. Frankly, most are not talking about death in Syrian, but they will talk about Haifa and her divorce.

She denies all rumors about the reasons of the divorce, but it seems the web is going crazy about this news, and Haifa Wehbe trneded on both Facebook and Twitter for good reasons.

 LBCI News- هيفا وهبي تكشف عبر الـLBCI أسرار طلاقها


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