Friday, November 9, 2012

Robert De Niro Brings His New Movie To Doha

American cinema is now expanding to more countries in the Middle East and that means we get more IMAX theaters, and more stars stopping by to promote their films. There has been so many attempts to bring big names to the Middle East and hold events and film festivals, while they have succeeded a little bit, Doha is making the biggest effort with some serious cash.

They have brought to famous New York Tribeca film Festival and when you bring that to your country, you also get to bring the founder and the guy who adores New York City. This time, Arabia will get to hear and see Robert De Niro in the flesh walking about the mortals.

There will be 27 films, and first time participation by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Lebanese  Egyptians and Moroccans are bringing films to the film Festival. Robert De Niro will be showing his new film "Silver Linings Playbook" A new drama with a strong performance of De Niro and the cast.

روبرت دي نيرو للمرَّة الأولى في الشَّرق الأوسط


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