Friday, November 9, 2012

Nawal Al Zoghby Shuts Down Sandy In Dubai

I love myself a good cat fight, but this one did not need to happen. For days now, I have been reading updates from both Nawal Al Zoghby and Sandy going to Dubai to support a charity Rashid Center For Childhood, they both volunteered their time and spend time with the kids at this center.

But then there was the time to sing, and the stage was ready to received Egypt's finest girly pop import Sandy. Sandy was set for the first song. However, when the time came, the organizers told her not to sing and asked her to cancel her appearance.

This is a disappointment to Sandy and some of her fans too. At first, she is doing this for free, she traveled to Dubai to help out and then folks shut her down? According to a press release issues by Sandy's office, she faults the Lebanese diva who interfered to cancel Sandy's scheduled appearance. According to the statement,s Nawal Al Zoghby told the organizers, she would leave in the events Sandy performs on the posh Atlantis hotel.

I do like both pop songstress, but they are not rivals, they appeal to different people and age groups. If this is true, then Nawal has to explain herself. As for Sandy, thanks for your work on behalf of the children, they will understand.

Sandy - Ebn Garetna / ساندي - إبن جارتنا


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