Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eighties Pop With Egyptain Mona Abd El Ghany

Arabic pop was born on the late eighties of the last century. Unlike the more class songs that ruled up to that point, pop music was not trying to impress listeners with fancy lyrics and creative poetry. At its start, the rule was use everyday words, simple and direct to describe a moment in time.

And the music will carry your song where people will dance and move along with your music. Among those pop pioneers is none other than the now retried Mona Abd el Ghany. She was making early songs with the help of Ammar El Sharei. And she made a solo or two albums under this lable. Her music videos might be silly now but they were hot then. I know my sisters were dazzled by those and the outfits Mona sported.

Also listen to 03 track and tell me that you are not hearing Fayros Karawya--the lead female voice of Egyptian music at this moment. It's scary how similar those two voices are as revealed by this song.

02 2alby Ydo2 - Mona Abd el Ghany / قلبي بيدق - منى عبدالغنى

08 E7na Meen - Mona Abd el Ghany / احنا مين - منى عبدالغنى

03 Been Delo3ak - Mona Abd el Ghany / بين ضلوعك - منى عبدالغنى


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