Friday, March 1, 2013

New Release Carole Samaha 2013 Album سيمبلات البوم كارول سماحة - احساس

On the thirteenth of March in the year of our Lord 2013, one Lebanese diva will release her album of thirteen tracks. Bringing attention to the number often associated with bad luck 13. She wanted to defy it and release her album to tel that number to back off.  This is the story of the new and forthcoming album from this multi-talented diva.

She sings as a proud women, she sings the ind of songs that even the most manly man can find appealing. The samples are out and one will get to enjoy whopping of 13 tracks! There's the dance pop songs, and the touchy feely tracks. She gives a good balance of happy and heartbroken songs, and her collaboration with the best names is a long standing tradition. She also works with few names on this project.

There will be plenty of hugs, kisses, breakups and chances to dance in this mixed album--her first since 2009 when she released a dynamite album. The production went to the seasoned Lebanese composer Michael Fadel. I like how the album feels like a menu from all over the world of music and varying styles that showcase different notes.

Carole has shown that when it comes to her songs, she spares no expenses, unlike many of her peers- who tend to cut costs of recording and spend more on music videos. Carole spends on both of them. I look forward to this album, as for the money, this album will be the biggest release in 2013 from a star who has been rocking it since 2000! And by the way, she is a judge on the X Factor at the moment.

01 - Ehssas
02 - El Afrah
03 - Hakhounak
04 - Inta Tofl Kbir
05 - Ohdonni
06 - Ana Geet
07 - Ana Geet (Version 2)
08 - Yaoumayn Shahrayn
09 - Mosh Maakoul
10 - Mosh Tayaak
11 - Khedni Maak
12 - Wou Taawadet
13 - Ma Bnethammelsh Baad

سيمبل كارول سماحة - ما منتحملش بجد

سيمبل كارول سماحة - انت طفل كبير | من الالبوم القادم 2013

كارول سماحة احضنى من الالبوم القادم 2013

سيمبل كارول سماحة - احساس | من الالبوم القادم 2013

سيمبل كارول سماحة إحساس