Friday, November 9, 2012

Amina! Amina! Where Have You Been All My Life?

At first Amina was a street singer, she does wedding and private local events, she was no hottie, she was no pop diva. That all changed  this year, Amina 2012 is not the Amina you have known for the past five years. This Amina is has something else going for her, a better makeup artists!

She has always looked good, but good is not great. Now enter the sexy phase. Some might not even recognize this songstress this time around. And to top it all, she is out with anew album soon, and the promo has just hit the airwaves.

While her look might have changed, her style still the same good style we have come to love, simple lyrics  strong female and the fight is on. She is just as feisty as she has ever sounded. She is not really selling out here, she is not reaching out by changing her style or her tongue. She is just telling some, hey you want hot? I can do that too.

Amina Album Promo - Nefsy Neb'ed / برومو ألبوم أمينة - نفسى نبعد


  1. Hi,thank you for this article. She's beautiful and its true it's like another woman, her potential was amazing and she knew how to use it!
    But i've a request, how can I be informed when her albul will come out? I'm living in france and sadly it's prety hard to have some info about arabic singers .where is she from?
    Thank you.