Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leona Lewis and Her Syrian Ex-boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa

Leona Lewis can move mountains with her voice and outpouring emotions, but early one none of Lewis's demos brought her significant attention, however, and she considered taking a hiatus from her music career to attend university. Then her boyfriend  Lou Al-Chamaa persuaded her to enter The X Factor which subsequently became her breakout spot.

Growing up in Hackney and living there with her first boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa, former electrician turned A&R scout for Sony records, until their split in June 2010. Lewis and Al-Chamaa knew each other since she was approximately ten years old. Born of Syrian Arab decent, Lou Al-Chamaa grew up in Islington, London, England, and is currently working as an electrician by trade. Some online have him as half Welsh and half Syrian and is a Muslim

Things have certainly changed though as the star's hectic schedule has kept them apart. She would be working in the States when he is London. She is too busy with her business and tours. Leona Lewis and boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa have called quit decided after spending 10 years together The couple met when they were just 10-years-old and have been inseparable ever since. In 2010, she set up a fashion company with her then boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa, called LOA Clothing Ltd

Leona have vented her anger over the breakup through her third album where she pays tribute to the Lou (for more on this read here). They both seem to have moved on...but the medai had fun reporting on disputes and money disagreement left and right.

Leona Lewis - Trouble


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