Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet "The Voice" Teams, Whose Your Pick?

The four charismatic judges of "The Voice" have made their teams known. All of them, Kazem, Sherine, Saber And Assi have settled on their teams and they are making them in the center stage.

The posters with the images of the young team members are out now, each of them wrote something telling about themselves. Each artists has picked  six talents to represent his best picks. Who will sink and who will swim?

For some reason, I feel Saber has some serious names on his team, I like Qusai, Lamia and I have always been a fan of Samer's. I am sure other teams also feature some prime talent.

فريد غنّام "عايشة" - #احلى_صوت #MBCTheVoice


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