Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Theories On The Haifa And Abu Husheima Divorce

The Arab world's most notorious pop diva is single all over again. the lady that knows how to marketed the hell out of herself is taking a break in the United States after the news of her divorce from Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Husheima.

Neither of the couple is talking about their divorce, they only thing they say is that have ended the relationship amicably. So far, I have seen three different theories explaining the divorce:

  1. Some celebrity news press is pushing a story behind the divorce  is the private yacht party for some kings in the Gulf, where things went south and Haifa was not treated right. The story gained some legs and most Arabic press reported as the straw that broke the camels back. Jealousy can often be a destructive force and even if the story is inaccurate, reports of your wife being beat up by some bodyguards is not easy. 
  2. Knowing sources in Egypt are reporting that the divorce was initiated by Abu Husheima who is now a major construction partner with the Egyptian government. He now leads on Egypt's major steel companies and that gears him toward more political positions. Therefore being the CEO of a company and married to a popular diva, do not mix well with the conservative government and society.
  3. The third theory is related to the second one, popular TV preacher Safwat Hijazy made a point on TV that Haifa Wehbe should behave herself and respect the feelings of the people of Egypt if she wants to live among them. The preacher made the comments on the Tony Khalifah. Safwat is a popular force among many government leaders in Egypt now. Haifa has talked back to the preacher during her appearance on the popular Nishan show, she mocked the man and his remarks. Haifa kicked him to the curb. Abu Husheima does not need the side shows as he is not a contractor for the government.   

I think the truth is somewhere closer to the second and the third theory, it makes a lot of sense to me. But as for now, we all have to guess about the incentives behind this mega divorce. I think people will keep guessing and Haifa is right to take a break away form all this somewhere where few can bother here, America! 

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