Thursday, November 8, 2012

Iraqi Music Comes To The Land Of Lovers, Virginia

UTN1, my favorite Iraq rock pop band is holding a concert this Thanksgiving for their fans this November 22, 2012    at on of the area's hottest restaurants. They will deliver high quality entertainment, something they are able to do due to their constant rehearsals. It's all for the fans, and this is why they will be bringing a special guest on that evening, the beloved cool dude pf Iraqi muse and former Star Academy contender Bashar Al Qauisi.

Packed in this evening also the popular Iraqi DJ Hicham, a man who knows well how to fire up a party and keep it going well into the night. This is one fine entertainment packed coming in time for celebration and gratitude. UTN1 knows what it takes for a great night of music, they give each of their concert attendees a  musical treat--they perform their own stunning songs. But the fun does not stop as they branch out to perform Arabic classics of pop. I know listens win each time a musician--not just a performer- like the boys of UTN1 rises up to the microphone and sing.

Weather you are nostalgic to Arabic pop or to your finest memories back in Iraq, this is the place to be. So, if you are in the area and looking for a great way to spending your slow Thursday night kick it up a little and join the party, you won't party alone.

UTN1 - Loghet El Ein / يو تى إن وان - لغة العين

Bashar Al-Qaisi-Zghayron


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