Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrity Duets "ديو المشاهير" Books This Season's Celebrities

Celebrity Duets has shared the good news with its followers, they have secured more than a dozen of pop and Arab sinners who will appear and perform their famous songs with the show's participants  The show is set to debut Today November 3rd, 2012 on LBC1 and LBC Europe.

The show has also finalized the humanitarian projects they will help with this season. Assi Hallani and Carole Samahe are set to perform at the first episode. I like the doing well by doing good mantra the show has taken on--it's all for the rating.

I think the show needs to do something to improve their press presence, they do not got as much coverage as the other singing shows. They only time people read about the show is when that creepy old Saudi singer flirts with the Lebanese pop divas. I think more personal stories about the show participants might help.  

قولي احبك - كاظم الساهر - ديو المشاهير


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