Saturday, November 3, 2012

Green Mind Leading Environmental Change In Lebanon

This is an award ceremony that we need more of, bringing in young and old people with great ideas to make the environment a better for us and for the next generations. This is a local Lebanese initiative to promote environmental awareness in light of the climate change.

They invite people to submit ideas and proposals for projects that would make live better and cleaner, hundreds submit their work, and only 16 were picked to be honored and encouraged at the event where Green Mind invited celebrities and entertainers to make for one heck of a night. Needless to say there were a number of government officials in attendance.

I have lots of respect for what Green Mind is preaching, we no longer want to export our brains to the world, we want to export our inventions. Among the honorees was super star Ragheb Alama who helped give the group some media good will. Ragheb has worked with different environmental initiatives.

I see wind turbines and I see Joe Ashkar rocking the house with children who can sing.  

غرين مايند تكرِّم راغب علامة لمساهماته في مجال البيئة


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