Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sabine Latest Pop Single "lessa- لسه" Misses The Mark

Sabine released gorgeous single in 2012, all of sudden people were talking big things form Sabine, so she had to deliver a worthy follow up for her amazing breakout song. As far as I can tell, I am not feeling her latst single, "Lessa" it feels dates and offers nothing fresh.

But wait a minute, if you hear a different version of the song, you may actually like it as it sounds upbeat and has legs to run. As a pop song, this song might live for few weeks on the radio, but as for a legacy, I do not see this track adding music to Sabine's young career.

Not even those muscular dancers can save a weak song. I think she should walk away from her new sing, just ask them not to promote it.

sabine lessa-سابين لسه

جديد الفنانه سابين لسه - نسخه اصليه 2012


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