Friday, November 2, 2012

Haj Tamer Hosny Parties In Abu Dhabi

He just got back from Hajj and he was ready to party on touching the ground back form this holy trip. Tamer Hosny just did Hajj once again, like many Egyptian and Arab celebrities they can go to Hajj as many times as they wish. But the Egyptian singer of the generation went again as he released a song to celebrate the prophet of Islam.

Ultimately, he is a business guy and his concerts are his bread and butter, so why not one more concert in Abu Dhabi as he works on an Egyptian comeback. He packed the concert hall with thousands of cheering fans who came to watch a car race.

Tamer Hosny did not disappoint as hit hits kept coming one after another, and the concert goers ate it up. He did have something to say, that he does no more like racing cars and people should be careful--this is a grown up version of the pop star. And then there's that preteen girl who wanted to meet and great the pop star on stage, he seemed nice to her and sang for her. She also wanted to dance along.

Note, no more crying women running for Tamer, he is am married man now. I love how the local security rushed to the scene to take away that young woman who wanted to pull Tamer Hosny her way.

بعد مناسك الحج... تامر حسني يحتفل في أبو ظبي


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