Friday, November 2, 2012

Lebanses Designer Tony Yaacoub Kisses Beirut Goodbye

Popular Lebanese Fashion designer Tony Yaacoub is falling out of love with his native city Beirut where he had been showcasing some of his best designs. He seems to have chose Paris over Beirut--an easy decision for most fashion designers.

Elaph caught his latest fashion show, spoke to the man, and a number of his models about their work with a colorful fashion designer who speaks about himself in the third person. Tony likes to work with the Arab ladies of pop and entertainment including Haifa Waheb and Ahlam from the Arab Idol.

I see how strange these outfits can be,which makes me think Tony Yaacoub is really ready for prime time in Paris and beyond. In other reports the fashions designer picked a fight with a reporter who works for OTV channel during his Beirut fashion show
طوني يعقوب: لن أعرض مجددًا في بيروت


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