Friday, November 2, 2012

The Sound Of Nineties vs. Eighties Pop

1990 was not a year where computers were used to make music, not in the Arab world anyway. But the music they made back then was a product of old school mixing and electric musical instruments that sounded cool back then. Such music is still hip to my ears. You can tell the 80s and 90s music right away.

It sounded like a bunch of cars trying to make music using only their horns. I am trying to say that the 90s pop music sounds like a perfect candidate for laser light shows. The song below is a remake of an old song by the dude of folksy music in Egypt---Ahmed Adawiya. Ahmed was not considered cool until 20 years later when our taste has changed.

The new voice belongs to Mamdooh Darwish, the music has been arranged by the guy who made the ear of the 80s and 90s pop possible--Hamid El Shari

والله ولعب الهوا -- ممدوح درويش

أحمد عدوية - والله و لعب الهوا


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