Wednesday, November 7, 2012

HOT Video: George Al Rassi - Temrou' Tetghandar / جورج الراسي - تمرء تتغندر

George Al Rassi was one of my favorite male voices growing up. It has been at least three years since we have heard last from the charismatic Lebanese singer, the man who have had an interesting career, he made a great album 15 years ago, then a worthy followup album with so many hits. All of sudden we have a great new promise in the sky of Arabic pop.

 Then what went wrong with George he did not feel like making new music, so he did not evolve. His style kept the same and the singer has not tried to alter his style or branch out. He have had some difficulties in his life and for that it seems his career is not getting to where it ought to be. Also the tragedy of singing dramatic songs, no one likes to go to concerts to listen heartbreaking songs.

But something is changing and I am glad to report this comeback with a new music video. While the style sounds for George Al Rassi. Fadi Haddad directed this big budget clip for Al Rassi, but the winner is the singer has has finally evolved into a happy song territory without losing his voice or signature brand. He is flirty.

The song is made for the dance floor and I adore the new image make over for George whose sounds like another lovely George. There are too many sexy outfits for this music video but the music is the one I am particularly interested in, it's upbeat and catchy. This song is about females with pride, females who play games with boys.

George Al Rassi - Temrou' Tetghandar / جورج الراسي - تمرء تتغندر


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