Sunday, November 4, 2012

Joe Bou Eid Film Takes America By Storm

Just saw a screening for Heels of War or Tannoura Maxi for Lebanese director Joe Bou Eid. This is his first full feature film. He is the guy who has made dozens of music videos and many of them are dazzling and colorful. The way he manged the cinematography has always captivated me and you get to see a lot of his bright colors in the movie.

I thought the movie was good, offered a lot of details, and personal stories from the life of the direct and the story of his parents love story. I thought the plot lacked conflict, but some people might have enjoyed the movie just right. For a debut movie, Joe kept is exciting and very authentic. The cinema was packed here in Washington, DC as the movie made its US debut.

There are a lot of questions and a lot of good answers. Joe seemed like a nice guy who has a vision and most of all his proud of his home and his people. I got to ask him about his future plans and if he will direct music videos. He was gracious and answered he has not turned his back on music videos  he will always do those projects he enjoys to help the stars he likes. But something tells me he is going to be working on movies more. And that's what he said, "I have some ideas for new movies, and those I will be working on them in time".

Joe answered so many questions and did his best to carry the session in English, he has also addressed the controversy about his film. He said that one priest did not like it and the movie was taken down for a week, investigated and put back in theater. The audience seemed ready for more movies like that Joe has made, I am certain his bold and unique vision has brought some thrill back into Arabic films.  

Bou Eid and few other Lebanese filmmakers are trying to bring life back into the Lebanese movie making scene, as most movies in Lebanese theaters are either American, French or Egyptian  Joe and his peers "Nadine Labki, Said El Marouk and Others" are working to change that. As of right now it does not seem the government is interested in giving them some funds to expedite that.

Heels of war - تنورة ماكسي


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