Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fadel Shaker Says He Is Retiring For Real This Time

Six months ago, Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker spoke ill of president Bashar, he took part of a protest with a bizarre Muslim group, he sang for them lead them in chants. Then give a strange media interview, and told us he is quitting the entertainment business. Most believed him. He was reported to have moved to Qatar to be safe with his family.

But then he went to Morocco and had a sold out concert. He sang there and also prayed against Assad. Few months later he released a new romantic song with a music video on the day of the Muslim Eid. A month later he is taking part of a protest condemning the anti-Islam movie. He was the star of the protest and he spoke there too. Notice, how he lets he beard grow when he takes part of such events.

But then it was now been confirmed, Fadel Shaker is no longer singing, this time according to the report at least the decision is final. The leader of the bizarre Muslim group--Ahmed Al Assir have confirmed the news on his Facebook account. Fadel was quoted to have said, "I have not done enough for Islam and the prophet"

I am calling the religious group bizarre because they are speaking as they are told by their donors. They are playing politics with the Lebanese and the Syrian safety net.

ردّنا على المطرب الشيخ فضل شاكر العبسي دام عهره


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