Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shada Hassoun And The Iraqi Version

Shada Hassoun is Iraqi, but her fame surpasses her native land. She is a smart entertainer with a brand popular in the Gulf, Beirut and In Morocco. She remains one of the most successful participant in the Star Academy show. She aced that show and then move on to conquer the show business. She is a hot commodity with expats Iraqis and others.

She has a varying style, regional songs of hers are well known and she leads online with a solid presence and dedicated fan base. Musicians also believe in her talent, the top Lebanese composer Mehlim Barakat gave her one of his finest works--he does not like working for others, but for Shada he welcomes her in his music shop

Many of her songs have been directed by Tony Kahwaji and her songs are now mostly the world of Fayez Al Said.

Shada Hassoun - Law Alf Marra / شدى حسون - لو الف مرة

Shada Hassoun - Mza'alny / شدى حسون - مزعلنى


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