Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Arabic Christmas Albums Are Coming From Lebanon This Year

Few months ago, Christmas season all over the world, and as everyone knows, it's not full blown Christmas until you start hearing that music. Lebanon is helping Arabs celebrate this lovely over commercialized holiday with music. In the past they had to listen to American songs, last year, they have received new albums with Arabic songs to help ring in the season

  1. Yara is finishing her All Christmas album, with six tracks and a feature song by Lara Escander. This is Yara's first album in more than three years. The songs are composed by Nizar Francis and music is the work of Jan Mari chi. We wait for this album to see if the music will make you want to shot yourself or not. The cover album will feature a Christmas tree and chocolate to celebrate this very happy occasion where happy memories for the little ones are shaped. 
  2. Julia Boutrus is also doing an album of 10 tracks, she recorded it life with the orchestra in Prague. Some of the songs will be celebrating the Virgin Mary. Lebanese composer Michael Fadel is involved with the music and he has shared a photo of his work trip with Julia who has confirmed the news. There will be hymns and festive songs. This album seems like a great production. anything with live music takes itself seriously. 

An Arabic Christmas Carol (Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity)



  1. julia boutros's album is out since last christmas, isn't it?? and i think yara is featured in jean-marie riachi christmas album!!