Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lara Scander Parties In Beirut "About A Girl"

Egyptian pop songstress Lara Scander spends most of her time in between Beirut and Egypt--Egypt for marketing and TV interviews and Beirut for making music. Her most recent trip to Beirut was a meeting with her and a number of media outlets and friends who attended the launch of her pop album "About A Girl"

While the album released about a year ago, it was buried by all the political turmoil sweeping throughout Arabia. The album has more than a dozens songs in English, Italian and French, there's only one Arabic song and that song was shot in a music videos. As far as I can tell, the album was never formaly lunched or released in Egypt.

The meeting took place in an upscale Beirut district of AlJmizah at Rose Restaurant. This is a light pop album where dance is theme. The song was about forgetting the pain, and singing instead.

لارا اسكندر :تعالو غنوا معايا"


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