Monday, March 4, 2013

Listen: Egyptian Diva Changes Her Dialect جديد - اغنية شرين - الليلة رمادى | 2013

Pop diva Sherine agreed to take part of one of the biggest intimate parties in the Gulf--Jalasat style. In the Khalij, folks like to sit down when they listen to their music, and so is the artists. Everyone is sitting surrounded by musicians and spectators. They sing in local dialects, and it seems like one of those formal/informal sittings.

Most artists who do these kind of concert formats are often well-paid and tend to be local artists. More and more Morocco artists are getting into the business. But the surprise was Egyptian performer Sherine who has never sang in any other dialect other than her own. So, she appeared to be having fun on the set of Jalasat, and I tell you, she has gotten the right words and pronunciation down. And the new song we heard is about the grey night--not to be confused with 50 shades of grey.

While, I do not love her new look and her hairstyle, she made quite the impression on viewers as she dazzled them with her very strong voice. The folks in the Gulf think the world of big Arab names who sing to them in their own dialect. This appearance will open Pandora's box on Sherine who will certainly be called for concerts and weddings in the affluent region.

 جديد - اغنية شرين - الليلة رمادى | 2013


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