Monday, March 4, 2013

Akram Al Rahal Left Iraq To Promote Its Music

All Iraqi pop stars have the same look...dark shirts, open chests, fancy eye shades and greasy hair. But when they sing, each has his/her own style. They do wonders singing the blues, just checkout Akram Al Rahal, an Iraqi import who lives and performs in Syria and in any place where Iraqi music fans live..

I must admit it's very hard to find info on many of those young Iraqi singers, they do not seem to focus on building their online brands. I try in Arabic/English and little comes. Akram is a Baghdad native who attended a local Iraqi music institute. But he also played soccer in a local club. But in 1999 he left for Jordan. His first TV appearance on in 1993.

Akram works with local Iraqi poets who give him some of their best work, which he turns into pop songs.

 Akram Al Rahal - Rouh Nam / اكرم الرحال - روح نام


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