Sunday, December 2, 2012

(In)Sight Snags Classic Cyrine Abdelnour Cover

 Cyrine Abdelnour is no longer an artist, she is a business. A very classy business venture whose success in acting, singing, modeling and now magazine cover girl is hard to miss. She is everywhere and every week, I read something new from her camp. And by the way she also has a loving family.

Last week she was promoting sleepwear company and attending a product launch, now she is on the cover of an English language magazine that circulates in the Middle east.(In)Sight snagged a number of pictures of the songstress and the theme was the classical look of the 60s. The magazine is based in Cairo Egypt, but the mother company is based in the UK. A monthly publication covering social, cultural, economic and sometimes political issues, from an insider’s perspective, as demanded by a wide spectrum of readers.

I must say the magazine did a great job and the photographer manged to capture a moment with  Cyrine Abdelnour whose good looks make it look easy. The pictures and the cover were part of an interview the starlet gave to that publication where she spoke about her career and future projects.

Cyrine Abdelnour's Wedding Video Part.1 (Rotana)


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