Monday, December 3, 2012

This Video Is To Blame For Egypt's Troubles

There's a fad in Egypt they call folksy festivals. Auto-tuned voices of singers with little talent but a lot of personality recounting tales of life and crappy things they have seen. People living in poverty-stricken pockets of Cairo relate to those stories. Broke people who want to get married and party, hire those singers. Young people from that neighborhood and other ones as well show up to the wedding celebrating turning it to a block party--something they dub "Mahrgan"

Those people had to come up with a dance for their new muse. And I am not very impressed in what I saw, Egypt remains a male dominated societies. But to be a male is to be responsible, earn a living and be respectful. Not dance like a drunken. zombie.

These young people grinding on one another, got no jobs, live with their parents who buy them even their snappy hair gel. I do not even know how to classify this dance, martial art meets the robot man with a bit of Brazilian Capoeira.

رقص مهرجانات 2012


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