Monday, December 3, 2012

The Year Of Elissa! She Signs Her New Album

Every fan wants a piece of their favorite artist, getting a singed copy is triumphs for those loving fans, but some go a little bit farther (like that little girl with Elissa perfume and mobile picture) After 3 years of not releasing any new material. Elissa released "Assad Wa7da", the fans rejoiced all over the world. Critics had mixed feelings, but as long as the fans are buying the album this is what matters.

At the Virgin Mega Store Elissa made time to meet with the fans, sing their CDs, and talk to them. She was surrounded by half a dozen bodyguard who formed a wall around she as she walked in her bright red dress. I am weep for the young men who stood singing Elissa's romantic songs like pros! Those are the men, what's left for the ladies, I wonder?

She took pictures with the screaming fans. The trick to singing CDs, is not getting caught in the chatter with every fan. Some fans are really weird too. Just keep the line moving, no cross the table hugs. Elissa give a quick interview as the dudes tried to keep her cool by using posters as fans. It does not make sense for the hot space, there were a lot of fans.

Elissa sign her album "Asaad Wa7da" | "إليسا توقع ألبومها " أسعد واحدة"


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