Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Listen: جوني & ايمان - نخلق وطن / Johnny & Eman - Nkhla' Watan

Artists are busy trying to spread messages of hope and optimism in Egypt. Two particular voices stand out from the pack, I am looking at Johnny & Eman who voiced a duet for Egypt "Nkhla' Watan" building a country. Neither are big names, but both share the big heart and the warmth most Egyptians enjoy.

They are wearing green and hoping to do what politicians have failed to do--get us to like one another and trust one another. The clip is shot as they have recorded their song in the studio. Footage of a cute little girl glues the music video together.

It's not everyday you meet an Arab with the name Johnny and it's not your regular day when a Hijab wearing woman rock it live. This is not a new song, but it always feels new because anytime we have difficult time, we race for a dose of hope.

 جوني & ايمان - نخلق وطن / Johnny & Eman - Nkhla' Watan


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