Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chic Lady's New Boutique in Abu Dhabi

Saudi Media is obsessed with the ladies. They just won't admit it in public. "Chic Lady" a new fashion store  boutique in Abu Dhabi where ladies design fashion for ladies to purchase. The Saudi publication Elaph was all over the store talking to them ladies about their fashion store. The spelling is Chic lady, not Sheikh lady.

Women can find conservative fashion that make them standout. The ladies that do the designing have felt tired of not finding the colors and the styles they love--so they went on to star their own fashion line where local and Arab fashion designers--including at least one gay Lebanese designer.

Wedding dresses take a special section in the store. Let's keep on mind, the Muslim mantra that says "Allah Loves Beauty" I think this is a great concept, local fashions are best product for the local people--they just have to be attractive and modern.

كلّ ما تحتاجه المرأة في "شيك ليدي"


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