Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Celebrities Spotting At Beirut International Airport

Beirut is the city of a million celebrity, so it's no surprise that some of those celebrities would run into each other. Ragheb Alamah was in the Beirut Airport when he pumped into another singer Yara. Together they took a picture as they looked happy to be there. The background tell me this is some kind of airport lounge or a bar.

Why would the rich and the famous hang with the lowlife commoners? I do not know, but I tell you those airport lounges are fun places. Also if you try to hard enough, you can spot the different kinds of alcoholic beverages in the background.

Alama was going to Doha for a concert, and so was Yara who has some business there. Yara has not made one good song in about a year--she does have a Christmas album out. And Ragheb has a new single out with a music video.

Ragheb Alama - Mabahazarsh / راغب علامة - مبهزرش NEW AND EXCLUSIVE


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