Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Watch: @FayrouzKarawya Uses Music To Further Divide Egypt فيروز كراوية مات الكلام

I am sorry to see one of my all time favorite musicians, and singers Fayrouz Karawya dip her toes into a controversial situation. Fayrouz Karawya has a new song set against the president of her country. She is not fan of his and she is calling him name--even talking about his beard. It's no secret, Egypt is divided at the moment, but artists should not be urging people to hate one another--they should unite people instead.

She has every right to sing about those matters and whatever she sees not working for Egypt. But shaming someone for having a beard is not going to advance the conversation. It might have the opposing affects really. You cannot further the debate, but starting off insulting the other party. She is using very sharp language that even people living in free societies might take issue with.

As a song this is a fresh start for Fayrouz Karawya, she chose to do it in the Mahraganat style--auto tunes with simple street lyrics. I like this new side Fayrouz is bringing back. She is more than the classy lady, she can also do songs for the common man--who often goes unnoticed. The clip is accompanied by a number of funky and zany footage from Egypt. As an artists, she should not be the vocalist of one party, and not the other. She is bigger than those politicians who come and go. But Egypt and her career should be the lenses she uses in all her musical choices.

I am not sure if Fayrouz Karawya hates Morsi or that she might have not ever liked him and just speaking now. I get it, people are upset with the constitution, but Morsi won his election, let him implement his platform. By trying to bring an end to his democratic term through violence and media firecrackers, I fear this would establish a precedent. This is different than protesting against Mubarak--he had 30 years. Morsi had 30 weeks. I do not like politicians, but you have to take the good with the bad.

Fayrouz Karawya is the kind of voice artists love to hang with, she is a great role model and a pioneer for this time, we all make mistakes. I wish Fayrouz Karawya will now get the message and press on her art and message to bring peace and harmony back into the Egyptian street. It's very easy to get people to hate one another, the challenge is not to get them to dehumanize one another.

Fayrouz Karawya - Mat El Kalam

فيروز كراوية مات الكلام


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