Wednesday, December 12, 2012

They Pretend To Mourn In Cairo And Dance In Morocco

The Dazzling Moroccan city of Marrakesh brings the best on film during their big film festival. This year they were celebrating Indian films and Bollywood. Even though the rain was all over the city, the film goers, and celebrity did not shy away form the event. Dozens of Indian movie stars blessed the film festival with their attendance.

I take issue with the Egyptian entertainers who flew to Morocco to attend this event  only 48 hours after they have pretend to mourn the deaths in Egypt and protest the sitting president. There they showed a lot of skin and fashion. But a day before in Cairo they wore black and looked conservative. I do not like people who speak form both sides of their mouths.

You are one thing, but not the other. You are either sad and broken standing in solidarity with the people of your country of just all about you. This was a great day for the Moroccan cinema and for the politicians of that land. Youssra, Ennas El Digidy and Nour El Shireef were there. Among many global names, Bollywood sent its biggest stars and so did China. I see the envy in the eyes of the Egyptian filmmakers, this is a truly global film festival.  Egypt will be back soon.

مهرجان مراكش يُكرّم السينما الهندية تحت الأمطار


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