Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kadem Al Saher Is The Third River Of Iraq

Arabs like to make up their own dictators. Why does the song of a celebrated Iraqi singer deserve special attention that any other contestant. The question, I pose to the Voice on MBC. Qusay Hatem is the song of Hatem Al Iraqi, the legendary composer and singer.

The guy have a good voice, and picked a great song of his dad's to perform it on the show. Most judges loves him in seconds, it took Kadem few minutes to join the cheer-leading squad. But it turn out Qusay has picked Saber El Robaei over Kadem Al Saher--who strives to book all the Iraqi talents on the show.

Some were unhappy with Qusay's decision  but if perhaps knowing that his own father and Saber have a number of musical projects helps explain the decision  It has also been said that young Qusay wanted to give Iraq another chance by joining another team. Qusai is a very young person, I would have say 17 years old maybe.

I am certain, Kadem is a legend and he does not need anybody to tell him that, Qusay is talented and the Arab world knows that. He brings some joy into the lives of many Iraqis. I am certain his dad is a great mentor for the young man. His take on the Iraqi Mawal  is refreshing. The song about immigration and leaving the motherland is a soft spot for most Iraqis.

قصي حاتم "اشوفك وين يا مهاجر" - #احلى_صوت #MBCTheVoice

حاتم العراقي اشوفك وين يا مهاجر


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