Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Song That Launched Ramy Sabry's Career

In 2006, music was everywhere, production companies were investing in music videos like no others. Anyone with half a talent can film a music video, get paid for it and have it air on 24/7 music networks. But luckily Ramy Sabry has the talent, he is a musician singer. In 2006 he launched his first album and we had a chance to catch a glimpse of his talent.

Now Ramy Sabry is one of the better known Egyptian musicians, he has an album coming out soon, but his first hit song was a romantic one about the relationship have went bad and the love has been missing. He performed it with real emotions and with his heart. And yes the beat is also something of Amr Diab fashion, but Ramy owned the song.

The clip below allowed us to see a number of faces for this young and talented singer who despite starting in 2006, he has to peak....with every new song he earns more fans and his fans see, to fall for him more so than before.

Habeeby El Awlany حبيبى الأولانى


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