Thursday, December 13, 2012

Watch: Hany Adel Morsi Song هاني عادل وأحمد مصطفى - السيد فخامة الرئيس

Hany Adel had the first revolutionary song aired minutes after the Mubarak regime went down like a set of dominoes  He is still trying but there's a new president in town and Hany is treading carefully. He is not full of rage, he has always been very sober and calm. And it shows in the mellow melody and the song theme. Sad, but not broken.

His new song is about a father who have lost a son in the recent weeks. The dude with him is Ahmed Mostafa, the composer of the song and the guitar player who appears on camera. The song feels confused, just like the bulk of Egypt this minute. No one knows much about Morsi's action and the actions of his critics. So it's fitting to have a confused song that blames no one yet clearly takes issues with the president.

Hany strikes me as an  guy who likes the liberal agenda, but he also realizes people of Egypt might like different things. He treats the president with respect but deliver some hard lines. The issues Hany brings is those little school kids that died on their way to school when they were ran over by a train.

هاني عادل وأحمد مصطفى - السيد فخامة الرئيس


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