Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Song Is The Reason Samo Zain Is The Romance Guy

Syrian super star Samo Zain who has made Egypt the home of his career does two songs, one sad and soul touching songs, and pop let's dance songs. He tends to live with a duel personality and such his fans are divided  some who like his happy side, others like his ultimate romantic side.

Either way he goes to the band laughing. The song below is one of his many dramatic songs where you feel the guy is crying his heart out to the one he loves. If Samo Zain was as sincere in all his songs like he is in the song below, this guy is here to stay. I think both guys and ladies tend to like those songs at some points. But they only believe them when they are in love before things get serious.

لانك معايا سامو زين


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