Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ilham Chaouqi, This Moroccan Lady Got Pop Songs

Ilham Chaouqi hails form the rich land of Morocco. I know of her because of one quote she said, "Making an album is a failed project", I happen to agree with that opinion. If you are starting out in the music business, you need a single to test the water. A well produced single where you put your heart into can accomplish as much success as an entire album.

Ilham will release an Egyptian song she bought the rights too and it will be titled "Saktah Qalbyah", a "heart attack" Aside form music Ilham hold a degree in English literature and business. She impressed many people when she started singing in school a t a young age, but her career has not started officially until 2011.

Ilham has already released one single for the Gulf market, a place that seems to be a natural habitat for Moroccan singers. For the moment, Ilham wants to work form home and not relocate to Lebanon or Egypt. Like many of the home grown entertainers, she wants to help elevate and promote the Moroccan song. Ilham Chaouqi does already have a brand as her name screams celebrity. I am hopping Ilham will try more classier songs in addition to the pop song she has already been working on.

Sir Sir Ilham Chaouqi NEW


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