Thursday, December 13, 2012

The King Of Bahrain Gives Hussein Al Jasmi An Award حسين الجسمي يحصل على وسام الكفاءة من ملك البحرين

When you are a very short king for a very small kingdom, you like to pretend that you are important and popular by hanging with the cool kids. No one is cooler that Emirate singer Hussein Al Jasmi who happens o be much taller than the king.

King of Bahrain called in the entertainer ans asked him to come to the Kingdom for a photo op and the highest civilian  award in the land. King Hamad Bin Issa invited the speaker to one hos his many places in Manama, gave him an award and a certificate of authenticity.

The King wanted to recognize the singer for his role in making the Gulf song again and his active role in promoting good art. Hussein declared his proud moment in receiving such award and such recognition in the Kingdom. Hussein tweeted his reaction to the visit with King Hamad.        

حسين الجسمي يحصل على وسام الكفاءة من ملك البحرين

Hussein Al Jasmi - Habibi Barcilona 2013 حسين الجسمي - حبيبي برشلوني


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