Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nadim Mohsen, The Lebanese Renaissance Man

Unlike many working composers in the Arab world, Nadim Mohsen has a day job he loves. He is a professor of politics and culture at the Lebanese American University. Not many Lebanese artist can be dubbed as complete artists who live in the real world.  Why does he matter you may ask?

For starter he composed some of the finest and most original Arabic lyrics that blends poetry and spoken language so well. I have come to love Nadim's work by listening to song songs which he has composed and wrote for Lebanese diva Ghada Shobier. As for his own albums, to date Mohsen released two albums: "Shabah" and "Raks el Nar"

What I appreciate about Nadim is the fact of his wide talent, he is like a renaissance man, gifted across the board. He writs the lyrics to which he composes fine melodies. He is a working poet, with a good voice and a passion that can only exist in a place like Lebanon. His work in music can stand on its own, his smooth musical concepts and poetic images he paints with his pen are astonishing.

Mr. Mohsen is a political columnist who has been publishing articles regularly in various Lebanese newspapers. He also is a music composer and a poet. He has a degree from the University of Michigan.

Nadim Mohsen - Sway

كوفية - نديم محسن


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