Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tamer Hosny's A Dad To Be!

Tamer Hosny likes surprises, maybe he just likes to surprise us. Earlier this year, he has surprised us by his wedding to the lovely Moroccan songstress Bassma Boussil. Now he is making waves again, as we learn the couple are now expecting a baby. Bassma is 4 months pregnant now.

This remains as an unconfirmed news, the source is Alwattan newspaper who has also reported that Bassma has quit the show business, wore a Hijab--a head-cover and she is now focuses on the family. I wish Bassma well and I am happy for Tamer.

The famous couple are wasting no time, and have largely stayed out of the spotlight. They have only made one public appearance. What kind of dad will Tamer Hosny make? I hope his has finally reconciled with her father. The dispute started when Tamer's dad married another woman and left Tamer's mother. Tamer has rightfully sided with his mom.

Tamer is finishing a new album where we get to hear him sing in English, and he has already released a single in defense of the prophet of Islam. His last concert was in Abu Dhabi this fall.

Habibi ya Rasoul Allah- Tamer Hosny كليب حبيبي يا رسول الله - تامر حسني


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