Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elissa Likes Her Man To Have Good Teeth

Lebanese romance diva Elissa have never been married as far as we know, she has never had a serious relationship and for the most part she keeps love out of her life. she does have good friends  a great lifestyle and a sweet bank account.

But when she was asked about what she likes in a man during an interview with Alnashra, she had this to say, "I like in a man his teeth, his smile," "His personality and the way he treats others". So there you have it guys, hold on your brush and use it.

Elissa has also said, when I do not feel well, I travel to New York, Istanbul or the mountains of Lebanon where she can get some rest and relaxation. She also been quoted to have said, negative comments and criticism, do not bother me as much.



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