Friday, December 7, 2012

Syrian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Iraqi, Egyptian And Khaliji Song By Shatha

Shatha Hassoun is like a bridge, she is half Iraqi, half Moroccan. She bridges the Arab East and the Arab West. She works in between two cites, Beirut and Dubai. Now, here how she does it, a live appearance of hers where she sang in 8 minutes a song that covered most regional dialects and with it the musical styles.  

I must say, this is the first time I see an Arab star do such a stunt. She sounds just as fine in all those dialects. I do not know how much rehearsal she has had, but she seems to fly throw it flawlessly.
I love how she transitioned from one song into another with ease, she is good!

She knows how to party throughout Arabia. This is how good stuff is made! Live and lively indeed. Not sure how many other female songstress would be able to replicate such performance. A track that sums up Arabia in under 8 minutes! Party on

ميدلي غنائي عربي عراقي مغربي خليجي لبناني مصري سوري


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